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When a child has health problems, the effects can be far-reaching, often placing the family unit under extra stress. This is why working with children is one of our greatest joys - we love nothing more than seeing smiling faces when a child's health is restored! While the conventional approach to children's health is to manage conditions with medications or surgery, rarely is the problem resolved. This can have long-term effects on their health, extending into their adult years. The good news is that many chronic children's health conditions can be managed by identifying triggers, receiving personalised advice, and having the right support. Here is how we help:

Identify the cause of your child’s health concerns

Your functional medicine practitioner will explore why your child’s health issues have occurred through an in-depth analysis of their health. They may also use functional tests to explore factors such as:

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A personalised healthcare plan for lasting health

The greatest gift you can give a child is the gift of health. Your healthcare team will create a personalised plan for your child, so they can be healthy and happy again. And you will finally know what makes them feel well (and what doesn’t).

How it works

We’ll support you and your child every step of the way

Making changes to your child’s diet and lifestyle can be challenging, with children often resisting change. 

With the ongoing support of your health coach, you and your child will feel empowered to address their health in a way that’s enjoyable and lasting, learning health skills that’ll set them up for a life of good health and wellness.

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If you've tried and failed to solve your child's health problem through other medical means, you understand that 'quick fixes' don't often result in long-term health gains. That's why we dedicate significant time to investigating your concerns and customising a scientifically based, results-focused program for your child.

Your health investment includes:

4 hour initial consult

Dedicated Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dedicated Health Coach

6 months uncapped care

World's best pathology testing*

Personalised resources


Payment plans available.
*Lab and supplement costs additional

Our Guarantee: feel confident and safe in moving forward with us.

If you don’t feel confident that we’re the right fit after your initial four-hour consultation with a practitioner, there’s no obligation to go further with us.

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Our approach is personalised, collaborative and focused on your child's health. See what past patients say about our 6-month program in the video below.

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Get to know your support team.

About Jabe

‘I help people get answers where they previously haven’t, because I’m a puzzle solver. When we crack their puzzle, my patients finally understand their own health picture enough to influence their own behaviours and get their health back on track.’

Jabe is the Founder and a Functional Medicine Practitioner at Melbourne Functional Medicine. With a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and ongoing training, Jabe stays at the forefront of health research, and is passionate about sharing this information with patients.

Jabe has a particular interest in treating Adrenal Fatigue, Stress, IBS and digestive conditions, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, and autoimmunity.

About Rebecca

‘I believe healthcare should be a collaborative relationship, where patients are heard, understood, educated and involved in their own health journey.’

Rebecca is committed to high quality, results-driven health care to her patients and, more broadly to excellence in the field of natural medicine. In fact, Rebecca won the 2020 BIMA Clinical Excellence award as recognition from the natural health industry of her outstanding skills as a practitioner!

Rebecca has a special interest in skin conditions, women and children’s health, thyroid issues and digestive health. She brings a wealth of clinical experience to the treatment and management of acne, eczema, psoriasis, period pain, PMS, menopause, thyroid conditions, and IBS.

About Mark

“I believe that achieving a high level of health and wellbeing is a journey that we can take collaboratively to get to the root cause, that allows the body and mind to heal, and the individual becomes a vital and thriving human being‍.'

Mark has 30 years of experience as a clinical health professional, and describes himself as a generalist with a particular interest in working with cardiometabolic health, stress related disorders, immune disorders and helping those living with HIV to achieve a high level of health and wellbeing.

As an active researcher Mark has published and presented his work on clinical education, and the health benefits derived from exposure to natural environments at several conferences and was recognised in 2015 with the Bioceuticals Integrative Medicine Awards for Lecturer/Researcher of the year, and again in 2021 with a Distinguished Service Award from Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Bee Pennington

‘When you understand what it feels like to thrive and you understand your body’s feedback (both subtle and obvious) you are in a truly empowered position to make optimal decisions.’

Bee Pennington is a holistic health coach, personal trainer, and author whose gluten-free health journey began in 2009 with her diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. Her diagnosis was a catalyst for change and Bee began to really understand the importance of her own health. This saw Bee undertake studies in clinical nutrition, holistic health coaching and personal training.

Char Harvey

'My son has repeatedly baffled his doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital with his state of health given the severity of his disease. Through applying the principles of functional medicine and health coaching, he understands that his choices affect his health outcomes and lives a mostly symptom & medication-free life.'

Char is a certified functional medicine health coach who is passionate about helping people along the path of healing by providing a safe and supportive space to explore meaningful and lasting change.

Faced with a child who had a mystery illness for years before being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Char began her journey into studying nutrition and functional medicine.

Char has real-world experience using functional medicine to treat her son and has firsthand experience in how challenging and empowering it can be to implement change and see the results.

Jessica Cairns

‘My greatest passion in health is helping people develop an improved sense of calm, resilience and self-awareness about the elements of their health that are going to serve them best. I know from my life experiences how important it is to feel empowered, connected and in-control of your health and I truly believe that is exactly what working with a health coach has to offer.’

Jessica’s journey into the health industry started in her late 20s, when she experienced digestive, weight and mental health challenges. After solving her health problems through nutrition and lifestyle practices like exercise and mindfulness, a drive to help others reclaim their health was born.

Liv Brown

"Remember that whatever your definition of success in life, you can only enjoy it fully and for longer when your health is the best it can be."

Liv has a strong desire to support people through change and evolving to their best self. No stranger to the realities of modern life, she openly confesses being someone who epitomised 'Rushing Woman's Syndrome'.  After spending 15 years in corporate life as a senior marketer it was stress-triggered health challenges, family priorities and a yearning for change led her to leave her job, driven by a desire to heal herself and help others in a more profound way using her lived experience.

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Browse our FAQs by category below.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a revolutionary healthcare approach that addresses chronic health issues. Research now shows that children's health issues are influenced mainly by their diet, lifestyle and environment. Functional medicine also acknowledges that each person is biochemically unique and that solving a health problem starts with finding the cause of the problem. Therefore, the resolution of health issues requires a root-cause based, personalised approach.

Functional medicine practitioners seek to understand your child and their health picture, as well as their diet and lifestyle. When all of these elements are brought together and assessed, we can start to build a clear picture of what’s going on and why. This assessment can often involve functional pathology testing to dig more deeply into your child's health. Once insights become clear, your functional medicine practitioner will create a personalised treatment plan to solve the root cause and contributing factors to your child's health concerns. The outcome is that your child's health can be restored.

An illustrated table comparing the differences between functional medicine and conventional medicine.
What is health coaching, and why do we need a health coach?

Around 80% of people fail to achieve their health goals. This is because our habits around health are hardwired into us, making it difficult to change (which is why it’s so easy to reach for that bar of chocolate without thinking). Often, when it comes to food in particular, there’s an underlying emotional connection that needs to be addressed before lasting change can occur. Health coaches understand the science of behavioural change, so they will help you and your child navigate change with clarity and ease.

Health coaches intimately understand the challenges that come with getting your child's health back, so they will be your sidekick, supporter and guide every step of the way. In fact, past patients often rave about the support their health coach gave them - a service they hadn’t realised existed or that they needed until they experienced it themselves. We’re confident you’ll discover that too!

Why is the program for six months?

Unfortunately, when it comes to chronic health issues like your child may be facing, quick fixes and magic pills rarely work. Perhaps you’ve tried them on conventional drugs and found that to be true.

This is because the conventional approach simply looks to suppress or manage symptoms rather than solve the issue completely. Using the functional medicine approach, your practitioner will invest a lot of time investigating your child's case to pinpoint what’s causing their condition or symptoms. This detective phase typically takes about 4-6 weeks, especially if pathology testing is required. During this time, you’ll be assisting your child to implement some small steps, possibly experimenting with food or lifestyle, and gathering more data that will help your practitioner form a clearer picture of what’s going on with your child's health.

The implementation stage typically involves implementing steps bit by bit over several months so that your child can make sustainable, simple changes. Much of their success lies in making the changes required to support their body back to good health. Using our understanding of behavioural change, we know that implementing changes in small steps is the recipe for long-term success.

Maybe we'll need more than six months - what happens at the end of the program?

We’ll be here as long as you and your child need us. At the end of the 6-month program, we simply transition to a more customary pay per session model. Each 45-minute session with your child's practitioner will be $168, and 1-hour calls with a health coach will be $108. Your Slack channel (our main communication platform) will stay open for your general queries and needs.

What happens in the initial four-hour consultation?

Your practitioner will be in full detective mode to understand all the pieces of your child's health puzzle and get to the root of their problem. This involves understanding their health history, diet, lifestyle and other factors like existing test results to start joining the dots on their health.

During this time, you’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like about your child's health. If you have a list of questions you’ve had unanswered for some time, bring them along! Your practitioner will help clarify what’s going on with your child's health and explain things in simple terms versus technical jargon.

Towards the end of the session, your practitioner will formulate a health plan alongside you to tackle your child's health issues. Following that, your health coach will join the session, and you’ll brief them on what you’ve learned so far and share the treatment plan that you designed with your practitioner.

Your health coach will organise any supplements and testing for your child and will schedule your first coaching appointment, so together, you can work out the practical steps to take in your child's treatment plan.

You’ll walk away from the session with some insight into what could be causing your child's health condition. You’ll also likely feel a sense of hope and excitement about the possibilities of having their health back on track!

How long is each follow-up session with my child's practitioner?

Follow-up consultations are typically 30-45 min. Each session will consider the effectiveness of any interventions implemented and will seek to gain further insight into your child's condition or explore other issues that need addressing.

How long is each session with the health coach?

The duration of the coaching calls will differ depending on how your child is doing! At the start, coaching sessions tend to be longer and more intensive as you and your child are in a learning and growth phase.

As your child progresses through the program, sessions are typically a weekly 15–30-minute call along with more frequent contact via Slack - an app that you can access on your phone or desktop for quick and easy communication. Your health coach will be in touch regularly to give you as much support as you require to help your child meet their goals!

Do I really need to make changes for my child?

As chronic diseases are caused by dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors, the short answer is yes. So if you’re considering working with us, you must be committed to doing what’s needed for your child to get the best results. We give you insights into why change would benefit your child and how some of these factors are impacting their health negatively, so you’ll be armed with insights and motivation to make changes. In this way, change will be a gift rather than a hindrance as your child will feel so much better because of it.

I've been to many children's health practitioners and specialists - will this program really work?

After supporting hundreds of patients through this program, we know that the one thing that sets us apart from other practitioners is our unique approach. First, our practitioners have a broad range of knowledge about children's health. By using the methodical and thorough functional medicine approach, they leave no stone unturned when finding the root cause of your child's health concerns.

When you add health coaching into the equation, the chances of success increase greatly because you’ll have someone walking with you step by step through all the challenges that often stop children from getting better.

That said, you do have to be prepared and willing to do what’s needed to get your child's health back, which usually involves changes to their diet and lifestyle.

What are the payment terms?

A deposit of $870 is required upon booking, and the remaining balance ($4930) is to be paid at your initial consultation or paid monthly over six months, interest-free through ZipMoney.

Simply click here to learn more about ZipMoney and apply.

Any supplements or lab testing will incur additional fees.

What other out-of-pocket expenses can I expect?

All contact with your practitioner and coach are included in the program fee. Other costs you can potentially expect are for laboratory tests and supplements. Your practitioner will discuss the costs for any tests or supplements they recommend in your sessions.

Can I get any health rebates from my insurance provider for this program?

Unfortunately, as of April 1, 2019, most private health insurers won’t offer rebates for our services.

Please speak with your health insurance provider about whether you are covered. Functional medicine isn’t yet recognised in Australia. You will be billed for ‘Naturopathy’, which is code ‘107’ for an initial consult and a ‘207’ for a follow-up consult.

If you are covered, we have a HICAPS facility on-site, which you can claim your private health insurance rebate from, on the spot.

What sort of tests are needed?

Most of the testing we do seeks to understand how pathways or systems in the body function. These tests are typically more in-depth and comprehensive than you would’ve encountered before. 

We sometimes request standard blood chemistry from your child's GP for more basic tests, and if we need to go more in-depth, such as looking at microbiome health or food sensitivities, we use the world’s leading labs:

Precision Analytical

Genova Diagnostics




Great Plains Laboratory

Bioceuticals for DNA testing

Many of these labs are overseas, so test results can take a few weeks to come back.

Why aren't the labs covered by Medicare? And why can't my doctor order these tests?

Unfortunately, Medicare only pays for standard tests, conventional medical tests, many of which we find don’t give a clear enough window into your child's health. The tests we order are different from conventional tests you’ve likely experienced and found to be unhelpful before finding us.

GPs, unless they are functional medicine trained, are only trained in interpreting standard tests that look for pathologies (disease) rather than looking purely at assessing the function of pathways or systems. The functional pathology tests that we use can identify pre-disease states and look at other determining factors that contribute to diseases. 

Learning about and interpreting the latest functional pathology tests takes years of functional medicine training and involves continued education as new scientific insights arise.  

Given these labs are privately billed, we seek to balance the need for more data on your child's health with a desire to look after your wallet. Therefore, the amount of lab tests we do varies by individual. Typically, when we ask you to invest in testing of this nature, the cost is worth the investment as we uncover insights that inform your child's recovery.

How are you operating during the covid-19 pandemic?

Most of our practitioner consultations and coaching sessions are now conducted by phone. We recommend that our initial consultations happen in person at our clinic. We have a covid-safe plan that we follow in the clinic, which includes social distancing and increased hygiene measures. We can, however, do a telehealth session for your first session instead if you prefer.

What are the clinic hours?

Our clinic hours are:

9:30am – 6pm Monday to Thursday

However, you can reach us outside of those hours via phone or email.

Where is the clinic located?

We’re located at 186 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne.

I live interstate, overseas or am unable to make it to the clinic. Do you work remotely?

Yes. Phone or video consultations are available for those unable to make it to the clinic due to location, time or illness. Simply let us know when you’re booking in, and we’ll organise that for you.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to the team directly – we’ll be happy to assist.