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At Melbourne Functional Medicine, we do healthcare differently.

Our mission is to help you feel happy and healthy again through our revolutionary healthcare model that’s evidence-based, supportive and personalised to you. We know you want to solve your unique health puzzle so you can be the healthiest version of yourself possible. Our approach uses cutting-edge functional medicine and results-focused health coaching that’s leading the way in healthcare in Australia.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to your health that gets real results, read on to discover how we can help.

I believe that healthcare should be evidence-based and results-focused in order to address and resolve the underlying causes of health challenges, so patients can get their health back.


We’ll get you clarity, support and results.

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4-hour initial consult           

Your health picture, lifestyle, genetics, diet, environment, life-stress, and so on are all unique.

We need to deeply understand you before we can help you. This is why your functional medicine practitioner will spend four hours with you in your initial consult.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support
6-months high contact support

Healing takes time. And we’ll be there with you while you do it.

You get as many sessions with your functional medicine practitioner as you need AND ongoing results-focused health coaching for six months.

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing
Functional pathology testing

We prefer testing to guessing, and use the best labs in the world.

Pathogens, nutritional status, food reactivity, hormones, cardiovascular markers, heavy metals, environmental toxins, DNA wellbeing test, and more.

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